My name ist Thomas Moosmayr, I was born in Hamburg in the year of 1965 and currently I live in Vienna, Austria.
I have two children and I am working in the public employment service here in the city.

For photography I was interested, as my father gave me a small Kodak pocket-camera as a gift when I was ten years old. Since this time I´ve tried a lot of good, but also stupid things (e.g. vaseline on the lens to make photos like David Hamilton), made hundreds of images and bought better stuff to take pictures some years later.

At some point the digital age began and although my SLR was outstanding, I felt born into the digital world and bought my first camera of this kind just for testing -> Nikon Coolpix 4500

coolpix 4500

At the first moment I realized incredible new possibilities for me -> watching images immediately, no longer having thousands of images in different paperalbums or boxes, no more handle, sort and rejoin diapositives, etc.

But I was wrong! Very soon I realized, that the digital world can be quite tricky sometimes and that handling and editing photos is more hard work than to stick them in an album. You need a lot of time!
People who do not edit their photos but only load them up to the computer or to the internet, often forget this simple fact.

But still it´s fun for me, a wonderful hobby and it is the greatest pleasure when people or friends talk or write to me and say: "Wow, that looks really great!"
Then I know, why I do all the work and it stimulates me to take my DSLR again, to go for a walk or travel around and to make new, impressive and touching images.

I hope, you enjoy my website!

Thomas Moosmayr